Construshow Puebla offers a wide variety of spaces and products to announce or reinforce the presence of your company, product or service during the exhibition

Directory of exhibitors, digital format which is sent to participating exhibitors, more than 5 thousand visitors and 100 exhibitors.

Program, presence of brand, logo of the sponsoring company, 10,000 pieces, which are distributed in the access to all attendees of the exhibition, also sent to all our contacts, who are potential visitors to the event.

Gafetes, company image on the back of the badge, 12.5 by 16.5 cm. Color selection. Impacts: 8,000 pieces, printed to be distributed to all: exhibitors, visitors, partners, press and organizers.

Technical conference room, image of the company in the place where all the technical conferences are held, meeting there an important number of people during all the exhibition hours.

Registration, preferential space where all visitors will be registered (approx. 5,000)

Pendones, measures 4 by 2 m. In vertical form, can be hung a number of banners in the 6,000 m2 of exhibition, promoting to the company in accesses, restaurant, corridors, etc.

Restaurant, presence of brand in the restaurant area (air or floor) where a large number of people meet, throughout the exhibition hours, which allows to reach the potential customer easily and effectively.

Gallardetes, image of the company in this promotional element that is located in the corridors of access to the exhibition halls.

Business meeting, presence of brand in the area of ??Business Meeting (aerial or floor), where a large number of potential customers meet throughout the exhibition.

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